Sweet Rebellion In The Political System

There are people who self-sacrifice in many ways because they feel they have to, in order to change the world. 

In reality, there are many people who die at the hands of the elite, whether physically or emotionally. Governments nowadays are powerful enough to wipe entire cities and masses in order to “protect what’s theirs”. Take a look at the Mexican case where 50 students who were activists “disappeared”. A while later, evidence was found and it suggested that they might have been killed deliberately in mass.

Why do they do this? Because they actually believe they own the planet. Such illusion is paid by those who are at the bottom, unfortunately. There is so much talent and so much entrepreneurial potential; what is lacking is opportunity and support. It’s almost as if the elite were trying to force the lower classes to enter the matrix they created without having a right to speak up against them.

I mean, look at bankers. They make money out of controlling people’s money. They own the whole thing. They are dangerous enough to sponsor different sides of a same war, as it was the case in WWII. As time passes, the inequalities and injustices are more noticeable. This is due to the fact that social order is being disrupted massively by those with a vision of change, progress and evolution.

Some people have gone through very hard times only to prove that they cannot be controlled. This is admirable by all means; however, it is not cool being a martyr forever. Why? Because there comes a point in which resisting the system from outside, is too much of a heavy burden to carry. That is why we infiltrate the system instead, learn from it, study it and then find the effective ways to improve it.

The biggest leaders of rebellion often succeed through peaceful resolutions. For example, Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Such a short, simple, yet profound sentence changed the world. The idea was planted, watered and it is now immortal. More and more people have followed his example. That is the type of revolution that cannot be stopped. That cannot be forgotten. That cannot be ended. That transforms the whole.

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