A Revolution Doesn’t Last Forever

As the governments of the world become aware of the people’s awareness, they also become scared. 

Since the collective evolution of the world began developing furiously, the governments have increased their security protocols, upgraded their technological surveillance weapons and infiltrated revolutionary groups in order to gain more information. This is dangerous and should be taken seriously because even though the media merely shows anything; there is a growing resistance from both parties: The people and the elite.

More punishments are occurring to those who dare to even speak their minds. For example, in Venezuela, nowadays, people are not even allowed to speak about escaping their country. People have been killed over stupid matters such as this one. Consequently, more and more people are starting to worry about their future. They feel obligated to respond to the authority. It is sad, because even though there is much evidence and reported/recorded events, it is the government that  takes this matter seriously enough to act upon it. Some people still believe that “nothing is happening”; hence they do not even worry and go on living their comfortable lives with illusionary security. If I am to be completely honest: I envy such ignorance.

They say nothing lasts forever, and a revolution is no exception. The more we fear standing up for ourselves, the more power the government gains. This is not a matter of surrendering. It is merely a matter of two different perspectives on justice. Because what is beautiful to a group of people, is horrible to another group. The main cause for this chaos is inequality, therefore. The governments believe the people deserve to be punished, whilst simultaneously, the people believe the government needs to be punished.

Both sides are accidentally, and subconsciously leading the whole wide world into battle. Sometimes I think it is better to stay out of such conflict; but some of us were born in and are the conflict.

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