Global Shift: The Anarchist Love Revolution

The world is going through a shift that many have titled as the “spiritual revolution” of the ages. Some believe that these are the most exciting times to be alive, while others claim that these are the most terrorific times. They see doomsday in change.

Sometimes, we cannot directly change it all; but we can change our attitude towards the problem. As human beings, we change on a daily basis and that is why it is so hard to notice. As analogy would be a person who loses weight but doesn’t notice it until the clothes are too big. Likewise, people who see each other on a regular basis, find it hard to recognise those little changes.

This current spiritual revolution is amazing because it is proving that every person can be their own leader, their own teacher and their own God. It is raising the planet’s frequency to levels that were considered impossible before. And opening doors through questions that are being asked.

More and more people are awakening to new skills and ideas. We all are affected by these drastic changes. It is a collective experience. Why is it taking too long to become stable and settled? The issue at hand is complex because in order to change the current system, it would be necessary to destroy part of it. So people prefer ignoring the problems with the excuse “if I don’t pay attention to it, it doesn’t exist”. Yes, people prefer to ignore the truth in order to have peace of mind.

Some of us keep doing what we are doing. We rebel by expressing our thoughts. And when we try to reject the instructions given to us, we are perceived as a threat. Yet, the government can do absolutely nothing about our ideas, or about our hearts.

The current system is of convenience for those who are already at the top or those who miraculously reached the top overnight. The best way to end the system is to go IN, study it meticulously, succeed in it and then invest in the right things.

Personally, I see this as a Genesis, not an Apocalypse. 

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