Exposing The System of God, Religion & Money

Some believe that supporting the church is a mission. They follow some type of social programme especially designed for church members to take part in voluntary activities that benefit the life and work of the religious institutions. They come at you with messages that sound sweet, such as “Join the friends”. Many people fall for this trick and consequently, the church has grown more and more powerful over the decades. Ultimately, from a Psychological perspective, people just want to satisfy their sense of “belonging”.

Churches can be found everywhere nowadays. Sometimes, it feels like they are having a monopoly competition with the consumer market. Moreover, it is interesting how it is often the case that every church claims to be “the church”.

Shocking, how much money the governments will invest to keep the religious system going. For example, Plymouth City Council invested More than £80,000 to reinvent the church. Among the works conducted, were:

– Redecoration of church.
– Tower Repair.
– Plaster removal and replacement.
– Stonemasons – South East windows
– Refurbishment of Resurgam door
– New exterior lighting.

People often subscribe to this church. It is no secret that Religion is a great way to make business in form of “gift donations”.

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