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Classical conditioning goes against humanity. It is based on control and the idea that things need to be fixed when in the flow or natural state of self. If someone thinks someone needs to be fixed, whether professional or not; whether graduated or not, this person should know that it is themselves screaming for repair, not the observed individual.

Some examples of classical conditioning include:
– A fear of the dentist’s drill.
– The soldier home from war dives for cover when a car back fires.
– An aversion to curry is developed after eating a curry while ill.
– A dog flinches every time s/he sees a rolled up newspaper.

Stimulus Generalization
The ability to reprogram our minds in order to heal negative conditioning habits. This means, that whatever trauma, wound or problem with oneself can be solved by applying a self-conditioning based on self-positive reinforcement. They say that habits can be made and broken in 21 days. Of course, this is flexible, as not everyone is the same. Some might need less or more time to complete the process. The first step in stimulus generalisation is to become aware of what hurts. And this is often difficult due to the self-defence mechanisms we build to protect ourselves. Once we have identified the problem, we can find a solution for it.

Stimulus Discrimination 
Classical condition has always led to a discrimination dilemma. When a person or creature have been negatively conditioned, this can cause them to discriminate a recreated stimulus later in life. This is not a bad thing, as it is a sign of strength. Stimulus discrimination is the point between a trauma and a new experience. We discriminate based on the way we were conditioned to think. Why is this a sign of strength? Because even though we were “trained” to react in certain manner, we still are able to raise a question when presented with a similar situation, allowing the mind to create both: a link and a difference between moments. Stimulus discrimination is a non-violent act and it is a sign that there are things to be healed with one self. Questioning ourselves is the best act one can do. Yes, sometimes this can cause us to appear guarded, or apathetic to certain factors; however, it points to progress within a negatively conditioned mind. It is the start of a freedom journey.

Therefore, it is appropriate to say that discrimination as whole can be improved in the planet, by encouraging self-examinations, and applying positive reinforcement to progress, even at early stages.

Spontaneous Recovery 
When one faces the same conditioning stimulus repeatedly and is able to overcome the conditioning response or habit. The forced method of extinction of CR (conditioning response) is not as effective as positive reinforcement is. That is, forcing a creature to recover is just as destructive and can be classed as psychological re-conditioning of a creature.

The best medicine for a damaged mind, is the freedom to express itself without conditions or consequences.

B.F.Skinner once said: “Behaviour is shaped and maintained by its consequences”. This why applying positive self-reinforcement IS the way to evolve in behavioural terms. Applying psychological punishment to a scarred mind is ignorance and should be seen as Psychological torture. Pavlov’s methods were cruel in many ways.

Applying Evolution to The Current Educational System 

This presents modern society with a dilemma in terms of crime. How can we claim to be enlightened and yet, seek to punish the oppressors? I believe that is a question worth asking. I do not wish to become involved in this area yet, because crime rates are high; however, it is appropriate to say that if an innocent person is at risk of being harmed by a damaged mind, action should be taken to protect the innocent and maintain such freedom & purity. The best way to build a better future is to protect the freedom of children and pure souls, while simultaneously helping those who have committed criminal offences and who are living in a mental state of slavery and imprisonment to find their own light.

I have always thought that prisons are constructed in a very cruel way. To begin with, we have people in jail who haven’t really committed a crime against humanity. Next, we have people who are in prison for expressing themselves truthfully. Prisons are the negative reinforcement and re-conditioning of crime. Prisons are punishment, and this often creates more walls than it creates freedom. A good start would be to improve prisons, both: in terms of infrastructure and social allowance within. Education and positive reinforcement could be offered to those who commit crimes against humanity if we truly want to improve society as a whole for our next generations.

Likewise, the mental health system can improve radically. Yes, there are traumas and there are things that can be healed within the patient’s mind; nevertheless, there are also talents, potential and evolution that comes with hard experience, all of this, which should be the main focus of recovery. Under the same token, pharmaceutical companies should focus on the treatment of negative symptoms (neurosis, depression, anxiety) , while reinforcing positive symptoms (psychosis, imagination and extra-perception). In other words, the method needs to switch from creating self-hate to creating self-love. The system should always aim to encourage the existent good, instead of the bad.

We must fight for a world that allows people to be people. Because that is what we are. Truth is, psychosis is an evolutionary perk, not the opposite. In my visions, I see the world accepting their own already existent, beautiful complexity, instead of rejecting it, controlling it and punishing it.

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