It’s so fast. Thoughts moving the same way the road moves when you are sitting in the back of a car and you staring outside through the window, while the car is accelerating. The car keeps moving, and suddenly, everything around you passes by you so fast that you can barely appreciate your surroundings any more, and therefore, you panic, cause you know the car is going too fast.

It doesn’t stop, it’s bumping stones, it’s so fast, you can only tell by the sudden jump and how scary it felt. Your mind is racing. You can’t keep up. Too many thoughts, too fast. You can’t process them all, and the few you consciously process, take your concentration away and you go floating in this flow, until you realize you got lost in thought and time has passed you by.

Thinking becomes scary. Feelings become scary. You wish you could turn it off. And it is annoying. You want it to stop and it doesn’t. You need to get a distraction. And if it is a useless distraction, then you move on. That’s how it works. Romance is a distraction.

You know he or she is not good for you if it’s so fast. So fast, just like the highway while you are sitting on a bus that is going above the speed limit. Indeed, if your mind is racing and every thought is impossible to track; if it’s flooding with waves of cold scenes, then you know that this person is being counter-productive for you. He or she  is not helping you. He or she is not helping the cause. You deserve better. You’ve got the greatest potential for love. This person cannot love you the way you could. You don’t even feel loved. Run. Run away. You need a new distraction. Run. Run before it’s too late. Run before you crash.  

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