The Self & The Soul

The self is the conscious mind. The soul is the subconscious mind.

They both are part of the body. However, because the self stores its recollective knowledge in the brain, the conscious self will therefore depend on its brain’s memory to process information. However, the subconscious soul will manifest experiences and events that will help the self to process knowledge inherently known.

This inherent knowledge is not stored in the brain. As a matter of fact, it is not even stored in the body, for it is stored in the “knowing” of the soul, which does not work the same way the brain’s memory works. It does not rely on neurons, it has no limitations and it is forever expandable. The knowing is and expands by being.

Being is never forgotten. There is no such thing as forgetting in the knowing.

Lack of self is the excess of soul and vice versa, the same way that lack of light is excess of darkness. The self and the soul, being contrasts, are also complements, just like day and night are also complements, and both serve a purpose in the natural balance of the planet and its live beings. Lack of self, leads to ungroundedness. Lack of soul leads to despair. Self and soul combined, lead to self-fulfilment.

Among some of the most distinguishable perks of the self are the life-span and the ego. The soul is eternal.

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