The Yin Yang Dichotomy

Yin Yang is a contradiction and a synergy

If we are all one and if we are all yin yang; then by all means, we are all God and Satan, we are all day and night, we are all peace and war. We are the governments, the media and the guns. We are the purity, the calm of sea and the kindness. We are everything if nothing is what we are. We are the internal and the external. We are the mask and the face behind it. We are technology and we are nature. We are the poison and we are the cure. 

We often identify with that which we wish to be, but regardless of the North, the South, the West or the East, we remain the centre, directionless. So where are we going? What have we done? Everything and nothing. We are heaven and hell. We are death and life. We are the criminals and the law. We are angels and demons. We are reality. We are the lies and the truth. We are balance.

And suddenly… As we see ourselves as the middle point, and the whole world as one… We realise, we are the system and the ones who fuck it. We are change and continuity. We are reality and our only way is to dream. Choose a direction. Choose the heart. And the heart is the beginning of art.

Under the same token, we are nothing. Guilty, yet innocent. We are witnesses and creators. We are there and here, somewhere between duality and unity. We simply are everything, nowhere.

Nowhere = NOW HERE.

And from here, time is nothing. From here in the now, there are infinite possibilities.

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Justice – Just this… dormant negative — makes the fire of positive Sweet… No Where is Everywhere is where Us wants to be. :]

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