Dream is Destiny: Hell, Heaven and Limbo


I do not exist.

I am no female or no male. I am. 
I am no black or white. I am.
I am no sun or moon. I am. 
I am no stars and no dust. I am. 
I am nothing, so I can be everything.

I am both, female and male. I am not. 
I am both, black and white. I am not. 
I am both, stars and dust. I am not. 
I am everything, so I can be no one.

I exist. 




In Philosophical Terms

Strive to make uncomfortable places, your comfort zone.
Then you’ll know when it’s time to leave.
The more you let go of what makes you comfortable, and what you love…
The more room you make for greater things. It’s called certainty.
The trick is to keep on falling in love with new faces, new times and new spaces.
But to acknowledge the pain of missing someone. Let them know.

I dare you to fall in love with everything and everyone.
I dare you to hang on to the pain, suffer it and cleanse your soul.
I dare you to think of the most maddening things you could imagine,
and believe in yourself.
I dare you to make every moment your home and leave it.
Attachment is freezing time.
Letting go is moving forward in the flow of the now.

Imagining the worst, might actually locate your mind.
If at some point, you feel trapped; then it is time to dream something.
It is time to imagine something.
It is always important to see the beauty even in the worst scenario.
Hell is the lack of beauty in the eye of the beholder.
Heaven is too much beauty in the eye of the beholder.
Limbo is a new start, where you always have a choice.


In Psycho-Analytical Terms 

What am I doing? I am sharing my spectrum of the impossible that in my dreams can be possible. Why? Because if there is one thing I kept from History lessons, was that often, what we see as impossible is simply “ahead of its time”. I believe in dreams, so did Sigmund Freud. Dreams are keys to our subconscious. I used to believe in nightmares and many of my worst fears became a reality. So I stopped creating so much negativity in my own head and once I started to dream big and as pure as possible, my life started changing. I would describe this process as self-perception and self-projection.

Life started to make sense, as in “yes, I get why I had to experience that in order to get to this particular time/space”, as I started going with the flow. . Similarly, I noticed that the more light I found in my own “madness” and defects, the more I walked and walked towards that silver lining, that end of the tunnel, that ultimate window of peace which I will describe as the self-projection of self-love. A rule easy to forget, yet, one that cannot be forgotten once fully understood.

Was I scared? Perhaps in a way, but in another way, to use an analogy, I kept going, because I knew, and I saw I had already been there, on the other side of the tunnel, and was looking back at my own steps. I was certain that I was moving towards the time/space of my dreams. And suddenly, something inside me woke up and I saw for the first time, my own reality. Here, right now. An empty canvas. A new beginning. A new last breath.

To laugh in the middle of stress. To walk in the middle of tiredness. To leave when you are comfortable. To expand your mind in a way you can love the very things you hate the most. That is freedom. Not holding on to a concept or a state, but instead, finding the constant: Beauty. Where? Here. When? Now. How? Truth. 


If I Was To Explain It To Myself Through Poetry

If there are no rules, you are the ruler and the rule-maker. 
If I there are rules, you are the slave and the rule-breaker. 
If I was covered in lava, surely I’d be a dragon. 
If I was covered in mud, surely I’d be a rabbit. 
If I was covered in water, surely I’d be a mermaid. 
If I was covered in wind, surely I’d be an angel. 
If I kissed you, then I loved you. 
If I made love with you, then I craved you. 
If I hated you, I loved you first. 
If I forgave you, I found peace with myself.
If I feel you know me, then I know you.
If I feel I know you, then you know me.

I have no nationality. I don’t even have a name.
I am the universe, and the universe is you.
And if you wanted to call me, you’d call yourself.
And so, this letter of course, is for myself.
I would say I am an Earthling, but I have drank Mercury.
I have become high on Venus.
I have let my mind travel to Mars.
I have known Neptune and bathed in Saturn.

If I experienced myself in the whole spectrum, I am gone now.
But if I art, I have a heart and have returned in the nothing.
Between people and things, and yet, nowhere.


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