We Think Deep and Love Harder

Have you ever been told to stop thinking too deeply?

You have probably been told that you are too intense. That you think too deeply. And when people have told you this, you’ve probably felt that something was wrong with you. Well, I think we ARE deep thinkers and we ARE intense, and that is exactly what is beautiful about us.

When we find and connect with other deep thinkers we experience freedom in a way we have never felt it before. There are no conversations that bore you, there is no censorship, no need to “pretend to be normal”. The world needs more deep thinkers and intense lovers.

We have been told to adjust, to shut up, to change our very core essence, our very nature. It is only when we start fearlessly expressing what we feel and think that we learn and we are able to attract the energies of those who likewise are dying to connect in a deep, intense way.

As humans, it is second nature to question everything. Many of us go through hardcore experiences that lead us to feel guilty for doing such thing. But the moment you stop questioning is the moment you conform. The moment you conform is the moment you give up on a better future. So in my experience, questions lead to epiphanies. Intense love leads to beautiful connections and faith leads to the manifestation of our dreams.

No need to try to stop being yourself. Remember, many of us did not come to this world to fit in. We came to change the system and reclaim our freedom as the planetary family we truly are. And we will.


We fuck the system deep and hard.

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