Spiritual Front – Cold Love in a Cold Coffin (Lyrics)

In which way would you like to be a man?
In which way would you like to be a woman?


Are you really afraid to come close to me?
Move your hair and bring your mouth closer
Let your saliva slide down my sex
And watch while I’ll do the same

There’s nothing outside
That can be more important than us now
But I know that you will lie to me
When your desire for me disappears

Please hold me tighter, my cruel lover of vanity and plague
Let the thought of my submission be stronger
Than the law that rules your world

Love is so cold when you try to give it a face
But love is so vulgar when you have tried to survive

I will destroy the monster of memory from my sterile brain
Forget me if you want and arm the tactic of oblivion and masturbation

The echo of your heels in my ears is of mild excitement
Your tempting promise has no more fascination
You will forget my name, I’m sure

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