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About Life

Life is about pleasure, about scary nights. It isn’t about safety, it isn’t about what is wrong or right. Life isn’t a present, it’s an obligation to fulfil. Life isn’t a sentence, but somehow it just happens to exist. Life is what you want to make of dreams, what you want to believe about reality. Life is about mysteries, about things to discover and ignite.

It’s ok to be impatient, it’s ok to not be all right. It’s ok to feel depression, it’s all right to feel alive. That’s life. It’s everything. It’ the beauty of the aurora, and ugliness of the dark. Its the contemplation of the unknown and yet, it is the knowing of a scarred mind. It is the ecstasy of a new dawn and the arrival of the dusk. It is the secret you have been striving for. It is the tears and it is the laughter. It is the pain and it is the happiness. It is real, and yet it is an illusion. It is time, space, matter, and yet it is also nothing.

It is everything you have and everything that you feel. It is what you were born into and what you grow up to be. It is a design and yet it is blank. It is a creation and yet it is the oldest thing to die. It is life, because you were born to destroy and you were born to create. And people keep trying to make a concept for it. To tag it and to say how life should be like. I’ll tell you what it should feel like. It should feel like its yours. You and whatever makes you stand the freeze.

It isn’t a patron, it isn’t a law. It can’t be followed, it can’t be broken. It can end and yet it can start. It can be about giving up and yet it can be about surviving. It is whatever it is in your mind. And people are not conformed, they feel like their life isn’t enough, and so, they aren’t conformed and so, this way, they work hard. They work hard to steal a bit of light, a little tiny bit of sunshine from other people’s lives. Life is a starlight, a dream, a beautiful song. Life is bitter, it is a cry of pain, a stab of a knife and and an awful wilderness. Life is all things, and yet it is nothing. Life is open to run free and yet it is everywhere you hide.

Life is about eternity and yet everyone dies. Life is about facts and yet its ironies are many. Life is absolution, it’s freedom of the mind. It’s about reason and madness combined. It is about good and it is about evil. It is about love and it is about vengeance. It is about hatred, and yet, it is full of forgiveness. Life can’t be conceptualized, and yet we all have our own description of it in our minds. Life is a storm and yet it is the soothing sound of the waves in the sea. Life can’t be performed, and yet, we build a public that sees our daily cavalry.

Life is not a about seeing, and yet we can’t be blind either. Life is not about hearing, and yet, we need to listen, in order to learn. Life is not about feeling and yet, our existence needs our heart to keep on beating. You can’t be saved. You can’t be changed. You can only be guided and then you’ll be left on your own, and yet, there is always someone there when you need it.

Life is a contradiction. Life is an unnatural prediction and yet it can’t be planned.

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