Revolutionary Love

People patronize pretty much everything. They create concepts about what a “normal life” should be like, what a “normal mind” should think like and even worse, concepts about “how to fall in love in a “normal way”.

Anyone who dares to step out of these patrons is considered  a crazy, rebellious or insane person. Anyone who thinks that studying, getting a job, getting married, having kids and getting a pension is just a robotic way of living in which governments can easily control our minds, is considered paranoid. Anyone who dares to fall in love with a person that he/she had just met, is considered mad; not to say creepy.

I must be crazy, I must be insane and maybe a little creepy. I believe in crazy love. Love has no formula, it has no rules, it has no patrons. Love is a feeling, an emotion, a chemical response, a stimuli and even a decision.

You can meet a person who completely blows your mind and you can decide, right there, in that moment, to fall in love with that person. It sounds “crazy”, but I also believe that “free will” isn’t only about being able to make major decisions in life; it is about choosing who we love too.

People think that love happens by accident; however, I beg to differ. Our mind is very tricky, it makes us believe so; but in reality, it’s our own decision, we decide it, we use our free will and fall in love with the person that we select. Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person, sometimes we fall in love with the right one, but always, yes, always, we fall in love with whoever we want to love.

We don’t see it, but pain is something we need too. There is some sort of weird pleasure in having our hearts broken. And no, I am not a masochist. No, I don’t enjoy having my heart broken; but we all need a bit of pain and take pleasure in it.

I believe in crazy love. I want a crazy lover. It will be more interesting getting to know him while I love him, than knowing him and then start loving him.

It’s a decision. It’s free will. It’s crazy living. It’s a revolution. It’s freedom.

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Ones only way to live, free in love and attraction with no holds bond. Love behaves freely and within its own content. Your ability to see is so Spot on and your ability to bring vision to your words is magical..

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