They say actions are more powerful than words. I beg to differ, words can be devastating, reviving and lethal. Words are part of life.

We communicate through words, we make promises through words, we have faith in people and also in their words, we study words and become living words. We are words trapped in a body.

Through our thoughts we transform feelings, actions and images into words and simultaneously we convert those words into actions. That’s how we function.

And so, still, they say that words are meaningless, that the only things that count are actions. Oh no, they can’t fool me. I am aware of the power of words.

A situation can fixed or broken with a simple sentence and that has happened to each one of us. Are you going to deny it? You’d be lying to yourself if you did.

Why would you be reading this if words were useless? Think about it. We, as humans, live off words too. That’s why we find it so frustrating and painful when someone ignores us, or when someone says something that we did not expect or even worse, when someone promises something and then fails to fulfil it.

Words are, indeed, extremely powerful. You’ll realize that next time someone saves you with a simple sentence or kills you with a simple syllable.

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