You are used to life treating you like another piece of chess. You let it do it, you let it spoil you sometimes and let her choose your own destiny. Well, there, you are WRONG.

Stop. Start a revolution.

A revolution starts inside your head, then it travels through your blood and expresses itself through your hands. It all begins when you think:


Most people have been there. You have been there. I have been there. The real question is: Who are the courageous ones who dare to act on it?


You are part of it now. If you think about it and do something about it, then you are making a revolution against life. You are a natural anarchist who possesses a rebellious mind. You are free. You have escaped prison. You can fly now.

You will be judged.

Many people will tell you that what you are doing is wrong. They will push you down and will try to drown you so you are always walking under their shoulders. And when they do see you walking a bit taller; oh! you better brace yourself  for war, because that’s exactly what’s coming right at you.

Life is furious. You are winning. She will try to take you down.

But will you let her win? Or will you fly away and be free? Don’t let it break you.

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