Does My Generation of Teenagers Hold Up?

Every day, adults tell that I am one of few which can save a whole failed generation of teenagers.

Why? Because, somehow I am not “normal”, that doesnt mean it’s bad all the time, but I feel strange.

And when I look back at my kind, They are right.

They do A LOT of atrocious a lot of horrible things:

  1. Get drunk.
  2. Impregnate someone or get pregnant by somebody.
  3. Be agressive towards everyone (including pacifist people)
  4. Manipulate people for their own benefits.
  5. Use drugs

I could go on endlessly…

Also, those things, are done between ages 13-16

I am not telling that every teenager is a beast, but sometimes I suffer from these creatures.

Thank you for reading this,

P.D This comes out from someone who doesn’t want to harm no one and if he does without noticing, he will feel bad and have an urge to redeem himself.

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