Did you know that we live in a world where people are tortured and even killed for knowing or saying too much?

On the 15th November, 2015, Wikileaks published a document  with a long list of cases and reports of victims around the world who like me, have been abused.

Some of these DIRECTED ENERGY AND NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS TORTURE AND ABUSE CASES detail the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history, including the most horrendous incidences of psychological torture, rapes, sexual abuse and other mental and physical mutilations. There are many others, all over the world, who are being subjected to similar torture and abuse.

I am not the only one. This is happening worldwide. It’s time to wake up, people.  Some of us cannot tolerate the consequences of ignorance any longer. This is what a victim stated in her report:

They can trigger actions and delete memory of them later. A person acts as a biological machine. They impose pressure on a head (especially on the left side of the head), bring the person in a grave hypnotic, “twilight” state and manipulate him in this state, make him say or do something that he does not want to do and delete memory of it afterwards. This pressure debilitates mental abilities very much. When I experience pressure on forehead, temples, eyes and ears, I cannot read and understand meaning of words, cannot speak properly, lose coordination of movements, feel dizzy, cannot concentrate. They improve blood circulation in the throat and in the crown of my head after this pressure. My son saw very strong blood pulsation in my throat.

I recently interviewed another victim –Martin Bott– who has been running a blog since 2000. Like me, he has been polluted, abused and muted by the system; nevertheless, he has continued to speak up, not hiding his identity and making a bold statement: He is not afraid. I admire him very much for this. This takes courage.

“Committing someone to suicide can be achieved by brainwashing as well. However, directly steering a person into death will be much easier and thus be preferred. The recorded films show Markus completely being steered. This techniques can be used to assassinate a person by steering, using any of the conceivable methods to commit suicide. While being steered Markus had been made to shoot himself into the hand with an air gun” — Martin Bott

“In the years between 2000 and 2005 I and my brother Markus Bott operated the Web page www.totalitaer.de. In January 2004 we additionally published the contents of this Web page as the book „Der Totalitäre Staat“, ISBN 3-00-013321-6. This book comes with a CD or DVD containing the web page, the book as word document and PDF and since January 2008 with ca. 14 hours of film material showing and explaining the torturing, brainwashing and steering techniques used by the German Bundesnachrichtendienst ( BND ) against me and my family, filmed with hidden cameras in our house. The Web page as well as the book informs the public on techniques and operational principles used by the German secret services.”

He wrote a document in English: Torture, Brain Washing and and Murder, stating the story about how his brother got murdered by the government.

After Markus already had been tortured continuously for almost two years, as a result of 3 which he was not able to live his life in any way, I decided to document these atrocities committed by the German BND on video beginning with December 2005. Aim was to show that Markus obviously is being steered by members of the BND, which makes them responsible for any offence being committed. At this time I had already been victim of violent attacks during several months similar to those numerously documented in the videos. More than 100 Videotapes have been confiscated in January 2008 after I published the DVD.

After having been tortured during five and a half years, my brother Markus Bott was asassinated by the Bundesnachrichtendienst ( BND ) on July, 11 th 2009 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Some of the methods mentioned in this document state the scientific basis of how mental health problems could be the result of biotechnology and engineering:

Techniques are used for brainwashing as well. If the parts of the brain which are passing the nerve signal from the ear to the brain are irradiated with such a speech modulated signal, the resulting voice is not being heard, as it is not coming from the ear. But it is not being thought either as it is not coming from inside the brain. That can make it difficult to decide whether specific thoughts or opinions are the result of brainwashing. Especially if one is not aware of this possibility. Brainwashing can be suspected if opinions or thoughts are openly false or even lead to dangerous behavior like taking drugs, drinking and smoking.


Causing someone to drive straight ahead into a tree or walk into a passing car can easily be done by producing low frequency beta waves in the brain, prohibiting all conscious action. Simple devices using this mechanism by employing laser or microwave radiation 12 have been termed beta wave incapacitator.