Art Journalism

The Quantum Journey of The Artist

The flow of creativity is endless, evolutionary and forever expandable. Let your ideas become matter, not just air or sound.

Engage in your creative impulses without delay and remind yourself always that the obstacles you see, are not even tangible; which means, are alterable by the intangible, which is thought. Materialize your ideas, not your obstacles.

Your art is for you mainly. And as you discover this, you find yourself engaging in your creative expression naturally and without pressure. If in the future, you believe it is worth sharing, then you shall. For now, you are happy to keep on creating.

It is the creating something, rather than the created something that is valuable here. In other words, the benefit and reward of creation is the act and ability of creating, rather than the result of such endeavor. To be more precise, you shall earn more from the experience, rather than from the artwork. This means, you should not focus on what the artwork will bring into your life, but instead what the experience of creating such things will bring into your day/moment/current time-space.

Light, colour and sound are capable of altering time-space by affecting directly the frequency of the beholder and listener. Vibrations that are high in frequency will take your mind into a journey. A journey within yourself. By stimulating all of your senses simultaneously… You become multi-dimensional in terms of perception and if used correctly with the flow of the universe, you can engage in divinely inspired creative expression, achieving wonder with a humble hand and achieving a divine experience with celestial results. Miracle works.

The mind can travel at different speeds than the body. As a matter of fact, whenever a person gets out of their minds, time-space is noticeably altered, causing the person to spend hours, if not days locked in a state that feels where time flies.  This is the case with people that start an activity which they are passionate about, in complete isolation without checking (measuring) the time. After a while, when they do measure time and realize how long they’ve been doing something, they are frequently shocked, by how time passed so quickly. This is also the case with joyful connections. Time does accelerate within the mind when joy is present. It is quite a complex subject.

Art is not only an activity, it is a gateway to other dimensions. It is almost like dreaming with matter. Creative expression in any form, connects you to the divine. And it is always truthful when inspired. Always pragmatic when forced. Truth is flowy, spontaneous, and effortless.

To see light and beauty is to love. Equally, to manifest light and beauty is to create. Be the crow, and find beauty even in the rotting corpses of the world.

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