Sarcasm Is Wrong

Sarcasm is wrong for the very same reasons sex is wrong.

Yes, sarcasm is dirty and should be forbidden, because it is ever so pleasurable and it is a sin, like sex. It is wrong for the very same reasons Satan is wrong, whether he or she exists, or whether Satan is an androgynous being like Krishna, Satan is wrong.

Sarcasm is wrong because everything is wrong, it’s all wrong. We should be asking people “are you all wrong?” instead of “are you all right?” because not everything is damn right, I mean, some things are left, for wrong’s sake.

Everything is wrong, yes, as wrong as this article. So don’t believe me everything is wrong, or that sarcasm is wrong. I would never be sarcastic myself, no way, I am all right. But you should know I am so wrong.

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