Art, Joy and Freedom

A genuine smile is almost like magic, 
it frees you from fear and sadness. 
Maintaining a state of joy is like driving, 
at least a uniform speed is needed. 

Tears will fall if your hands aren’t busy. 
Because your mind wants stimulation. 
Your soul is requiring some expression. 
You will dwell in dark places when bored. 

Keep your hands doing something. 
Make sure that something is yours. 
And when a little true smile is formed, 
pay attention to what you are doing. 

Slowly, notice you have all the tools. 
All the resources and all the energy. 
Manifest your dreams with conviction. 
Do not let addiction restrict you. 

Give your hands a creative job to do. 
Connect to your inner artist. 
Connect to that infinite fountain of joy. 
Explore your hidden power. Live inspired. 

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