The Inner Artist: Visions, Intuition And Other Perks

When the spirit of art is reawakened in my soul, 
fire burns and I am compelled to do something. 
Anything, digital, tangible, colourful, dark. 
Literal, intricate, abstract, constructive, light. 
So many options, I look around me. Something. 
As I look around, it catches my eye and calls me. 
Sometimes it’s a brush, sometimes a keyboard. 
At times it is a microphone, and often a screen. 
I don’t know what invokes me into these peaceful, 
colourful dimensions and energy streams, 
flowing through my crown chakra to my feet. 
Creating art, beauty and expression fastly. 
Am I the artist, or am I merely the catalyst? 

In a way, art is in tune with the universe. Hence, being in tune with art is a way of being in tune with the universe itself. Now, being in tune with the universe itself, if not embraced with a centered and grounded mind,  can make you look insane in the eyes of your social world. As it is  easy to forget that these types of experiences lead to common diagnosis such as psychosis. You cannot go to someone who is not open to this type of knowledge and tell them about the meaningful dream you had the night before, or the repetitive visions you get of the probable future. I mean, you can, but don’t consider yourself a victim when they think you are nuts. It’s not their fault. They are not there yet. It was your experience, your knowledge and your mouth. Alternatively, if you don’t mind being labelled “crazy”… then you can do whatever you want with your knowledge. I decided to write about it, and I know I sound like I’ve lost my mind. That’s okay. I know that instead, I have found it.

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