Productivity and Art

 How to invest our energies in “something productive”? Something that we actually enjoy doing and that brings us benefits?

Lately I have been thinking about the misleading notion that we as adults must do something everyday that in our social world is considered “productive”. In fact, this idea has so much strenght that we even have a socially acceptable “lazy” day every week, that we call Sunday. But really… What exactly is “productive”?  Well, according to Google, these are the different meanings of this word:


Based on the mentioned above definitions, one can see how destructive the word “productive” can be. In fact, I would even say that the use of this word is quite unproductive. Why push ourselves to produce and produce things that we hate producing? Why achieve someone else’s standards? Why stress about being fucking productive? And if you don’t produce enough, yet, while you were so burnt out, you wrote some poetry? Why is that not productive? Are you telling me that if a person produces 95 bracelets a day and another person produces 94, the first person is more productive? Are we really that silly?

If I had to re-conceptualize the word “productive” in a healthier manner, I’d say is accomplishing whatever you love doing that makes you feel good. Making breakfast would be productive. Enjoying such breakfast would be even more productive. Cleaning your room would be productive. Having a think about a particular decision could be one of the most productive things a person could do in a whole year. Living everyday without money yet much joy, could be the very best experience of your life. Giving zero fucks about the social protocols of our world, might be exactly what you were looking for. Creating art, could be considered as saving the world.

Art is always productive. So if you feel like you haven’t done anything good for your life; yet, you do art… Let me tell you, this is exactly what the world needs. Less worry. Less stress. Less pressure. Less schedule. More love. More art. More freedom.

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