Perspectives, Consciousness, Empathy, Love and Chaos

I see a world full of people. I see people full of worlds. As the world’s population increases, these multi-dimensional cognitive worlds, multiply. Every world within this planet is interconnected to the rest, through light and through darkness. We are drunk on the idea that light is the way to truth. That’s why people chase such light, and run away from darkness. Similarly, that’s why people talk about the end of the tunnel, the silver lining and other metaphors.

Who are you? Why are you this way? Why do you think that way? What are your favourite personal traits? How did you become strong? How did you survive? What virtues did you discover when you had to fight for something? How did you gain wisdom about a particular world? How many perspectives have you tried in this lifetime? How similar are you to your peers? What traits have you adopted from your parents’ personalities? What is the reason you can’t sleep at night sometimes, forcing you to enter an unstoppable train of thought that ultimately unlocks the answers to a few questions you were wondering, and that perhaps you didn’t even know you had? Also, when it comes to your defects, have you noticed how your darkness protects you? How being has stopped you from getting hurt or stressed out? How you have used your “dark” virtues to find peace or relief?

See, from my CURRENT perspective, I believe there is no right or wrong. I remember living a life in which my darkness was separated from my light. In times, I would only show the black in my soul, and occasionally, the white came out. I was so confused as to who I was. In my mind, it didn’t make sense to be both sides of the yin yang simultaneously. Chaos for me was disorder, and even though it is, I have discovered that order is obtained through the acceptance of chaos. When you realise that every person has a dark side and that this does not define them. When you see that your mistakes need no absolution, for they have never been wrong. When you learn that darkness is the necessary contrast when it comes to expansion. There is no fixed personality. We are constantly reshaped by experiences, interactions, thoughts and feelings. We change every day, and many people walk a linear path that they think will lead them to happiness. People are trapped in the pre and post now. Many of them are either thinking of what happened, or  of what might happen. The key lays in the now. What you are doing right now. What you can accomplish right now.

Imagine you are on the edge of a cliff. The place is beautiful. The water is crystal clear and right in front of this cliff, there is a very tall mountain in the middle of an exotic island, which looks very appealing, almost magical; however, there is much water separating  your cliff from such location. What are you going to do? Jump off the cliff, swim to the island and climb it?; or turn around and go back home? Would it be wrong to jump? Would it be wrong to go home? Let’s see the situation from multiple perspectives. To do this, I am going to pretend to be the person on the edge of such cliff.

  • I jumped off the cliff because I was scared. I wanted to confront my fear of heights by jumping. Then I swam to the island because I wanted to feel accomplished. When I did this, my self-esteem was elevated, causing me to have a healthier level of self-love. Physically speaking, I felt great. It was both, an adventure and a great workout. I then got on a  a boat from the other side of the island and went back home. I slept really well that night.
  • When I saw the rocks in the water, I visualised myself falling directly between them, breaking my skull and dying. The thought of this made me cringe and I instantly turned around and got in my car, drove home and came back home. When I went inside, my daughter ran to me and hugged me, screaming with much excitement “Daddy!”. As soon as I held her in my arms, I knew that I wouldn’t risk this, being there, present, in the moment, with my daughter. She is after all, my world.
  • When I saw the waves crashing against the rocks, I had an instant compulsion to capture the moment. So I opened my backpack, took my camera out and did some awesome photography. To have the magical contrast of the sundown gave me much joy. What a beautiful spectrum of colours. It made me think of life, emotions, perspectives and consciousness. Nature is my biggest teacher, and I am only learning.
  • I am not a great swimmer, but I really wanted wanted to explore the island because it looked like a good place for camping. I thought it would be awesome to get there; but there was no way I was going to jump. I would honestly probably drown. Was I ready to die? Hell no! So I went home, and told my girlfriend to pack for adventure. She surprised me when she showed me some DMT, MDMA and Cannabis. It was perfect. This was going to be lush. So we went and caught the boat that goes to the mountain, camped around the beach and did hiking on the mountain the next day. One of the best experiences of my life.
  • I want to die. I should jump. I can no longer continue with this sorrow. It’s eating my will, my breath. My heart is as broken as my mind. He didn’t care. He didn’t think. I should jump. I will jump. I jumped.

I could carry on listing infinite perspectives. From my current view, which I call “Betshy” (the name my mother chose to give me from her perspective), all of the above statements are valid. Yet, I am aware that there is contrast for everything. Someone else might find all of the above statements… invalid. Both, my perspective and this person’s perspectives are valid in my opinion. Yet, that person might think that only he/she is right. Some will disagree with this writing, because when it comes to truth, there is a dichotomy. There is objective truth, such as gravity. Things that cannot be changed regardless of one’s perspective. And then, there is subjective truth, which is a direct byproduct of cognition. And this second one, is what I am talking about.

Right this second, according to the Worldmeters, the world’s population is 7,284,280,935; however, by the time you finish reading this sentence, it will have changed a few times. And every number is a perspective. Every one of these people would have an individual, unique view regarding the cliff. Moreover, because we are creatures of transformation and learning, we change, adopt, adapt, and live multiple perspectives, multiple worlds during our lifetime. The more perspectives we experience, the more expansion we achieve.

Tell me… What is your perspective about this?

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