The new force of immersive data.


For McLuhan, the very technologies that facilitated the media were the reason for its existence. “The medium is the message” (Thornham, 2000) In this sense, all media is a business of design by definition. The social psychology of semiology, post-structuralism. The mind, the press, and psychoanalysis. The pioneers of technocultural reason: “To take a cultural determinist view, it becomes necessary to explore the social context of the technology. This implies the circumstances into which the technology is introduced and diffused through” (Winston, 1999, pp. 791).

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Postmodernity elicits question between commodity and social need. It inspires the analysis of a culturally fastidious generation that after growing up with television, defined the “centrality of the media for contemporary social life” (Thornham, 2000). Opinions, words, perspectives. A collection of signifiers. Data reforming art. The emergence of innovative applications as accelerators of media- supervening social necessity. Winston illustrates these as the “interface between society and technology” (Winston, 1999, pp. 797)