Do You Believe in Magic?

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Do You Believe in Magic?

April 16, 2015 Escritos 1
Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal. By Betshy P.S.M.


Falling in love is like magic. Every time you fall in love, you spark some magic. Suddenly, you are enchanted. Your mind is a psychedelic journey, as you explore that person’s different colours and auras. The very act of loving is magic. Love, in each of its forms… Whether it’s a mother that turns into a panther to protect her child, or a grandmother that worries when the child falls… Perhaps it’s a brother, an aunty, a cousin… Or your chosen family. Those who are your close friends, and who regardless of the circumstances, you love .  Regardless of the situation, you care about them. Even if you don’t particularly like hanging out with them. You know, that deep in your heart, you care. And that form of care is magic.

Every form of care, is a form of love; and every form of love, is a strand of unconditional love… And all this… is magic.

Indeed, magic is a very natural thing. So natural, that people take it for granted. So very natural, that some people are not even aware of it. They go about their lives, feeling humanity as a burden, instead of magnificence. Atoms,  cells and particles. So very small, so small, that no one can see them with earthly eyes. And so, there are people who don’t believe in magic, who go to the university to study the magic of humanity. Indeed, they study the atoms, cells and particles. They scrutinize them with amplified glasses, and they see, how atoms, cells and particles magically come together, to form the natural tissue that forms organs, systems, organisms, life and personalities. But because it is so natural, so very natural and simple, they need to complicate it. They do make it much more complex, and never find an absolute answer.

The answer is nature, and when nature is not obstructed, all you have is magic. But clever scientists, with much intellectual quotient. So very gifted, so very unique, who magically developed higher than average abilities… miss the magic that simply “being” brings about. And all those couples, madly in love, forget that such bond, such connection to someone other than your self… is a magical one.

But one day, when you wake up next to the person you adore, and you observe their peaceful demeanor as they sleep, it reminds you of the magic that proximity brings. The way someone’s actions cause chemical reactions, the heavy breathing while they dream. You see their body next to you, so beautiful, so lovable, so adorable… So vulnerable, as they sleep. You realise that sleeping and waking up both, are magic. It’s the disconnection and reconnection to your body. The shift from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, which is the black hole of the self… Where everything is known, everything is remembered, everything is stored… where everything that has been forgotten from the conscious mind, lives.

The nature of humanity, when NOT obstructed, is magic.

And as you see the vulnerability of the person you love, you realise you want to protect that person. Then, as you want to protect him or her, you realise, to an even higher and more sublime level, that you deeply love that person. The realisation itself is magical.  And well… The human mind can unleash such imagination. The ability to mentally visualise a possible future or scene AND react physically to it… often by sighing, or by getting a mini tachycardia. You know what I am talking about.

Your body connected to your daydreams. That… is magical.

Everyone has seen the magic happen in their lives. But not everyone is aware of it. Yet, once you see magic AND believe in magic, you live a magical life, in a magical world. Agape- Godly love- is in you, because you are the god of your mind, body, life and soul.


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  1. Liv says:

    Si la magia existe , muy bonito nena, buen talento estoy orgullosa de ti.

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