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Writing & Researching

March 3, 2017 Film-making 0


Creative Collective Synergy was founded in 2016 by Betshy X0 with the purpose of sharing perspective that inspires constructive social-change. The project has grown and become a home for independent journalism, research and arts.


The project aims to share research and information on socio-political topics, spirituality and science. Creative Collective Synergy is committed to inspire readers and participants to self-educate and take action in the ever-changing social scene, build their confidence as free-thinkers and help them find their life purpose. We believe in the revolution of consciousness, and the merging of dichotomies, such as religion and science. Furthermore, we seek to contribute to the battle against mental health stigma.


At Creative Collective Synergy we believe in a better world. It is our intention to eventually become actively involved in innovative initiatives such as the Zeitgeist movement. Moreover, the project looks forward to upgrading Internet resources, in order to expand. We see a future where people are diagnosed with talents, not just problems. A psychologically independent world, where the economy works for all, and education isn’t hard to attain. We also see a world where emerging artists have the same professional opportunities as an emerging doctor or lawyer does.




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