True Unconditional Love

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True Unconditional Love

December 29, 2014 Escritos 1

What is unconditional love? How to be unconditionally loving? 


I often speak about love. My closest friends know that expressing love is a big part of my personality. Sometimes, just out of the blue I say “I love you”.
It’s a compulsion, which is the direct byproduct of my observations. When I analyse someone, I can see the beauty of their soul. I can see the universe.
I can see source and I can even see myself. When I notice the magnificence of a creature; I know that outside this reality, I have been connected in oneness with this person.
In contrast, in this world, I get to know them separately.
The divine expression of each personality, the yin and the yang of each soul, the combination of light and darkness, is something that gives me great joy.

Love, share, cherish every person, every animal, every plant, every drop of water, every grain of sand, every object, every moment, every situation.
Find the beauty of it, even if it feels horrible. Find the art in it, and you’ll find the beauty, and once you find such thing, you’ll find the unconditional love.


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  1. Liv says:

    Me encanto todo… tu tienes mucho talento y cada silaba es el resultado de tu gran trabajo y de tu dedicacion, acerca tu gran talento para crear y expresarte y logar que todos puedan entenderte .


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